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she said most assuredly
19 October 2008 @ 02:54 am

Last week, while I was making this trailer for the first arc of Luke & Noah's Story, I made a very important life decision.

I had been toying for a long time with the idea of studying video editing. Even though I was never able to do any editing until recently, I think I've always been hardwired for it. Whenever I hear a song I splice fitting footage together in my head. Whenever I watch a movie or a t.v. show I notice editing continuity errors and desperately want to fix them.  Whenever I see fanvids and trailers I start imagining how I would have done them. And now that I've actually been making videos for a couple months it's... kind of the greatest thing ever? It's challenging and meticulous, but it's fun and rewarding and... I don't even know. I just love it.

So, yeah. I've been looking into programs, and if everything goes right I'll probably be studying media arts next semester.

she said most assuredly
When my dad turned to me last night and demanded to know Obama's immigration policies, I was dismayed to realize I didn't exactly know the answer. So, in the interest of being able to shoot Obama facts at him (and any other Obama detractors I come across) I spent a couple of hours tonight reading up on the issues.

Eventually I stumbled upon this spreadsheet detailing the differences in Obama and McCain's views regarding LGBT issues. I got about halfway through it before I started crying, and by the end I was completely wracked with sobs.


On one side of the page is a man who will be a champion for those treated as second class citizens, protecting the equal rights guaranteed to them by our Constitution. Who won't ask the brave men and women who die in the name of our country to go to their graves in hiding because they're an "intolerable risk" to troop morale. Who will in every way endeavor to complete the work begun by great civil rights leaders of the past.

On the other side of the page is a man that fears people who are different and will do anything -- even promising to add an UNCONSTITUTIONAL amendment to the fucking Constitution -- to ensure they're kept in place. Who doesn't care that it's still legal in a lot of places for them to be fired if they're found out. Who doesn't mind if they're brutalized or even killed for being who they are.

None of this information was shocking. But still, seeing it all laid out like that complete with voting record facts and quotes, I just fell apart.

I'm heartbroken. I'm outraged. I'm confused.

How are there so many people who still find this sort of mentality acceptable? I can sort of understand wanting to protect the sanctity of marriage, if there is such a thing as sanctity in this age of Vegas weddings and quickie divorces, but NOT WANTING TO PROTECT PEOPLE AGAINST HATE CRIMES? Just... HOW? My brain threatens to liquefy when I try to comprehend this.

I'm making a resolution right now. I have hardly any money at the moment, but every cent I can spare is going to support the final stretch of Obama's campaign. And I'm going to call Tucson for Obama to see about volunteering.


she said most assuredly
05 October 2008 @ 05:08 am
- I found this video about three months ago, but rediscovered its PURE JOY tonight when someone happened to link me to a related vid.


(Bonus video: Stephen making out with his co-writer/co-star/longtime-BFF Paul Dinello in a deja-vu-style comedy sketch.)

Dear Stephen Colbert,


With apologies to your lovely wife,

- I uh... made another Luke/Noah fanvid. I used a Cyndi Lauper song because Cyndi Lauper is amazing and she ships them hardcore.

- THIS IS ALL melengro's FAULT.
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03 October 2008 @ 03:27 pm

I decided I wasn't going to make a post about the debate (since I was so worn out from fighting about Palin with my dad all last night) but when I got online I was in such a frustrated funk that I decided to cheer myself up by doing something joyful -- collecting pictures of my newest RL-OTP, Barack/Michelle.

A lot of these pictures were taken from a post at ontd_politicalabout Barack suspending his campaign tonight to take Michelle out to an Italian restaurant for their 16th anniversary. ("You know what you guys could give us for our anniversary?" he said, turning to the television reporters. "Not have a camera pool outside of the restaurant, so that everybody knows that we're there." )

Massive Barack/Michelle Picspam! (Dial-up users beware.)Collapse )

I... I want there to be eight years of pictures like this. I NEED there to be eight years of it.

*goes to look for more*
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30 September 2008 @ 04:40 pm
#1 - The Letter Meme - tagged by angelchan_2004 

RULES: Do the "Letter MEME". Tag no less than 5 other people, and leave them a comment, informing them that they have been tagged. How to do the meme: HERE. 

Dear Angela,

I don't really know how to tell you this, but I'm in love with your sister. I think I realized it last year in your camping car and I saw you pull the clothes off my best friend. I'm sure you're ashamed enough to understand there is no solution to this. I'm returning the pictures from L.A. to you, but I'll keep your left ear as a memory. You should also know that I told my confession today about cocaine abuse.

Good luck on your short-term leave from jail,

Tag, you're it, [your name here]! (If you want to, that is.)

#2 - The Interests Meme

Angel picked out seven of my interests for this weeks ago, but the letter meme just now reminded me. 8D


exceptionless dragon fetish, blood-soaked scarf of love, setsara/gabriexiel ot4 of destiny, vigilante justice as foreplay, biting people, 5 cm/s b'awww, do want anime listCollapse )

Thanks for the memes, Angel! *hearts*

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28 September 2008 @ 11:31 pm
Some mostly uninteresting things:

- I cut about two feet off of my hair last week so that I would stop wearing it up in a pony tail all the time and actually start doing something with it. Now I'm still wearing it in a pony all the time, the only difference being that I have to use several bobby pins to keep it all in there. Way to go, self!

- I went to a couple of late night movies with my sister yesterday. We paid to see "My Best Friend's Girl" (which was pretty adorable and showed off Dane Cook in all his crazy glory) and then ducked into "Tropic Thunder" (which was pretty crazy and showed off Robert Downey Jr. in all his adorable glory). I snuck us in a huge bag of McDonald's food and goodtiems were had.

- I watched Desperate Housewives tonight just to see Gale Harold (see icon). Totally worth it OMNOMNOM.

ETA:  Best part of "Tropic Thunder" -- the fake trailer for Satan's Alley. I lawl'd so hard.
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A bit of TV FLAIL. Includes spoilers for The Office, 30 Rock, and Luke/Noah. Also, there are pictures!Collapse )


In other news, I still haven't seen WALL-E, Dark Knight, or the Avatar finale commentary. LOLOL I SUUUCK.

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Remember when Avafandom discovered Dante Basco's song "Love is Like a Vegetable"? Or when rawles shared the joys of Thomas Dekker's ode to John Connor, "The Future"? Well, this is exactly like that, only with YouTube antics instead of MySpace vocals.

To appreciate this delightful feat of hilarity you must first know that Van Hansis is amazing. He is one of the most gorgeous men to ever live, and he is a very serious, dedicated actor. But he isn't afraid to be a complete and utter DORK.

One magical day Van got together with a writer/actor friend of his and decided to make a short series of YouTube exclusive videos about an awkward NYU student named Henry Davis, the adopted white son of a deceased Chinese-American Congressman named Soon-Yi. What makes this so hilarious is how confused (and incredibly ignorant) Henry is about his culture. He's chosen to be interviewed in a sushi restaurant. EPIC, RANDOM LOLARITY ENSUES.

**These five videos combined are only a little over ten minutes long!**

Part One: Henry Davis Discusses His Culture Over Sushi!
A short introduction to Henry.

Part Two: Henry Davis Talks Adoption, Chopsticks & Green Tea!
Keep watching, it gets better.

Part Three: Henry Davis Talks Sushi & Orlando Bloom!
Doesn't get epic until the last two, but you have to watch them all to really get it.

Part Four: Henry Davis Talks NYU OLSENS & ANIME

Part Five: Henry Davis Talks About His Dead Father!
Ahahahaha. <33333

If you liked those, you should also check out this student film Van did, "The Time Machine." It's only six minutes long without credits and is completely adorable. (WHO CARES ABOUT TIME PARADOXES? HE NEEDS TO GET LAID WITH THE HELP OF HIS CHRISTMAS-TREE-LIGHT-ENHANCED GEORGE FOREMAN.)

ALSO! If anyone has any other links to celebrities and their online shenanigans, please share! I love this shit. 8D
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23 September 2008 @ 12:54 am
Thanks to this wonderful post made by the always amazing[info]ithilien22 I have just discovered that today is Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Yaaay!

As a bisexual (bordering on pansexual), I felt that the least I could do was spread the word and point everyone in the direction of Ithilien's post, which is a million times more interesting and thoughtful than the sleep-deprived one I'm making.

How am I going to celebrate? Well, if I had gotten that adorable "I Swing Both Ways" tee at Hot Topic when I had the chance I would wear that, but I guess I'll just wear pink/blue/purple. And write an Azula/Mai/Zuko drabble instead of paying attention in Spanish. (LOLOL I SUCK. Hopefully I'll think of something more meaningful to do in honor of today after I get some sleep.)

To all my LJ friends in Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, the U.K, and the U.S.: HAPPY CELEBRATE BISEXUALITY DAY! And to all my LJ friends not in any of those places: the same to you, even though your country hasn't decided to recognize it!